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ASDA appeal council decision to reject their application

December 17, 2012

Many of you will know that about a couple of months ago the council

announced they had refused planning permission for Asda to build their

supermarket in Stirchley. This was a huge victory for us and a benefit

for the highstreet of Stirchley

However, as expected Asda have appealed this decision and are

awaiting a final decision from the council. So it is still up to us to

keep up the pressure and stop Asda from ruining a new thriving



Please send your comments to the birmingham city council planning

department online at (note this is not

the usual BCC site). the planning reference number is 2011/03485/PA.


You can mention the usual issues. but on top of that is that it is

certain that Tesco is coming, so these issues will be even more

damaging. The issues to mention are:


Retail impact

There are many shops right next to the proposed development that will

loose out and whose business could be at risk.

These shops sell things that Asda will sell and may find difficult to

compete with the large superstore: these are a Greengrocers, a

chemist, an offlicence, and a newsagents. Furthermore, with an already

existing supertore and the approval of a second one (Tesco), building

a third one in such a small area is both unnecessary and detrimental.



Traffic is still a serious issue. There is concern over how difficult

it will be for residents on the roads on the other side of Fordhouse

lane opposite the new main entrance (Beilby rd, Oakley rd and Windsor

rd). Exiting these roads onto Fordhouse lane will become very

difficult. The major increase in traffic on Fordhouse lane will add to

this problem.

Even though the main entrance is no longer on Pershore rd, clogged up

traffic on both Pershore rd and Fordhouse lane will increase

dramatically, as we will have people coming down from Kings Heath, and

from Cotteridge.


Impact on public transport services

With this increased traffic on both Fordhouse lane and Pershore lane,

there will be a major impact on public transport, particularly the bus

services number 11, 45 and 47. There will be significant delays, which

will have a knock on effect to people also in other areas.



There is a fear that due to the increased traffic problems on Pershore

road and Fordhouse lane, in time there will be significant parking

restrictions on these roads to ameliorate the problem. This could even

mean a return to the original proposal where double yellow lines would

go on Pershore road, which will be catastrophic for local shops. Asda

were consulted that if the there are parking restrictions on Pershore

road and it impacts on local retail, would they compensate the

affected businesses. They said they wouldn’t.


Pollution and health

Another effect of increased traffic is the major increase in car

pollution. This will affect negativly both the environment (the Rea

valley wildlife corridor behind the site) and health of people from

surrounnding communities. Residents on roads like Ivy road will also

be affected by the car fumes from the large car park behind their



Thanks for your support



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