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Lidl boards up Stirchley site but is refused permission to demolish

June 22, 2017

Photo © Dr Dave Harte

Lidl was today refused permission to demolish Stirchley’s PSL bowling alley and Fitness First site. It was a unanimous refusal by Birmingham City Council until issues around the electric sub-station at the back of the site can be resolved.

Neil Elkes, Local Government Correspondent of the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post, live-tweeted the #bcclive planning committee’s shock refusal, reporting that:

“It looks like there’s been a snag on demolition due to electric sub-station, which has to be worked around…

“Lidl has so far been branded ‘high-handed’ ‘cavalier’ ‘disgraceful’ ‘crude’ over the Stirchley store plan.

“Unanimous refusal of demolition of Stirchley bowling alley and fitness first – at least until electric sub station is resolved”

“The Lidl Stirchley saga has been a rollercoaster and it’s far from over.”

He added that Cllr Beauchamp said the power supply issue was a potential ‘hand grenade’ so demolition should be deferred until the power company is happy. The vote to refuse Lidl’s request was unanimous.

Although the committee can’t stop demolition going ahead, it can control method and condition of site after.

Update: watch the #bcclive webcast from today for full comments from Councillors on Lidl’s tactics – Item number 8 at 3min15secs in: 

Last week Lidl erected boarding around the Fitness First/PSL Bowling site ready for demolition. Many took to social media to express their disgust at the German supermarket giant’s disregard of the local community’s wishes over losing popular sports and leisure facilities, saying:

“I shall buy no more from Lidl.”

“My girls will be in tears to see the building go down. Hopefully @PSLBowling can find a new location!”

“Sad to see that facility close. Especially when Tesco are selling six vacant lots 400m along the road. Why couldn’t Lidl UK build there?

“This location for a store will only make the bottle neck for traffic worse for us who live here”.

“Sad to see the Stirchley bowl site being boarded up today. Coming soon: period of dereliction; later: a small unnecessary supermarket.”

We at SuperStirchley are proud of how the community has gathered together to make our voices heard and thank all those who supported the petition (2500 signatures and counting) and other protests and actions throughout.

However… we are not giving up just yet.

Lidl’s planning permission, which should never have been granted in the first place by Birmingham City Council, has been quashed as a result of not taking the loss of sports and leisure facilities sufficiently into account. We are awaiting confirmation of this from the courts.

As an action group we are doing what we can to keep up the pressure but we need your help. 

We ask you to be ready for when Lidl reapplies for planning permission: to make clear your objections and put pressure on them to account for the loss of sports and leisure facilities in some way – either with funds for replacement or to build new facilities as part of the development.

Ride the Stirchley Lidl ‘rollercoaster’ with us! 

Please keep in contact via our email list, this site or on social media:




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