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Lidl in Stirchley – “it’s far from over”

August 18, 2017
Lidl has this week been given permission to demolish the Fitness First and PSL Bowl building around the electricity substation on site. The German global discount supermarket chain continues to push on with its plans to build a supermarket that few in the community wanted on that site.
A report in the Birmingham Post says we should “expect Lidl to submit a new store plan during the autumn”.


Next community action: Autumn 2017

Superstirchley encourages people to respond to the expected Lidl planning application when it goes in and to pressurise BCC planning and Lidl to account for the lost sports/leisure facilities – either by building them into their site (as other supermarkets have done) or through funding that may help the community in other pays.
We will post both here and on our Twitter/Facebook as soon as we receive news of the application, with details of where to respond.

At the recent planning committee, the Area Planning Officer said that it “remains to be seen” whether there will be a future store, and mentioned a local resident’s objections around:

  • traffic concerns and congestion at junctions nearby
  • noise for residents living nearby
  • is there suitable parking
  • do we need another large store
  • and the loss of the Fitness First gym facility

Cllr Gareth Moore said: “We are where we are and it is better that it is demolished.” Some will now agree with that, given that Stirchley already has derelict sites.

But Cllr Peter Douglas-Osborn said it was sad for local people that the facilities had been lost and asked if it was possible to predict if Lidl’s store application will fail the sequential test given the objections?

The Area Planning Officer said that was a matter for discussion at the planning application stage. This is when you will once again have a chance to make your views heard. Please don’t give up on getting a better deal for Stirchley – your objections do count at this stage.

It’s far from over!

Lidl has not listened to local concerns about traffic congestion, loss of community sports/leisure facilities, the prevalence of supermarkets, other available derelict land in the area and other issues. Councillors have raised their own worries about Lidl’s ‘high-handed’, ‘cavalier’, ‘disgraceful’, ‘crude’ approach to a Stirchley store.
Lidl’s previous planning was quashed for a reason and they purchased the site anyway – let’s make them account for the loss of our local facilities, which were a valuable community asset. We also have the chance to to send a message to future potential developers to listen to the community they are entering into.
As one Birmingham councillor said: ““The Lidl Stirchley saga has been a rollercoaster and it’s far from over.”
The council webcast is here – skip to Article 11 on the right side link box:

Get involved

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Tesco site news

In other news, we were happy to hear that the old KwikSave site, part of the Tesco wasteland, has been bought by local business Printigo and that Venture Bikes will also be moving to the site in 2018, bringing the two businesses further into the high street.




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