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SuperStirchley 2.0

Concerned residents have reactivated this blog and the twitter @SuperStirchley to rally together, share campaign news & discuss the Birmingham City Council (BCC) U-turn on / Lidl decision.

For info (more below) SuperStirchley was set up in 2011 by residents who came together in retaliation to Asda/Tesco planning applications.

SuperStirchley is back for 2017: this time opposing Lidl.

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SuperStirchley in its original form:

SuperStirchley is a new group set up by residents of Stirchley and surrounding areas that is campaigning to keep Stirchley independent, and promote everything that’s good about Stirchley. Stirchley is currently threatened by two new supermarket developments to add to the one supermarket that we already have: TESCO have planning permission to build a store at Hazelwell Lane which will destroy all the buildings from Co-op funeral shop to Webbs Power Tools, and ASDA are proposing to build on industrial land at Fordhouse Lane, just 400m from the TESCO store. Whilst it is going through the planning process SuperStirchley will campaign against the ASDA proposal for the following main reasons:

  • Traffic rat runs through residential streets will be created as commuters try to escape the traffic caused by three supermarkets.
  • Poor air quality and poor road safety caused by  30 extra articulated lorries per day to ASDA and TESCO as well as thousands of extra cars.
  • Loss of parking spaces on the high street that will harm local shops.
  • Difficulty of attracting new independent shops to an area with three major supermarkets = more empty units on the high street.
  • Change of use of land from industrial to retail, with no chance of ever returning.
  • Competing directly with many local shops (and cafes!) in Stirchley and Cotteridge and threatening to put them out of business.
  • Money exiting the local economy to line the pockets of shareholders of multi-national corporations.
  • Majority of jobs created will be low-paid & low-skilled, and the development is likely to lead to a net loss of jobs regionally.
  • Proposed development site is outside of Birmingham City Council’s designated ‘retail core’ for Stirchley.
  1. John Price permalink
    June 29, 2011 9:00 am

    I would like to know how you’ve generated all the data to PROVE your theory that the increase in traffic etc will adversly affect Stirchley.Having lived in this area for over 25 years I’ve witnessed the degradation that has taken place all along the High St.Traders come and go and having 3 supermarkets in close proximity to each other won’t affect the trade in the area it will enhance it.
    Take the Maypole as an example 3 stores within even closer proximity and I don’t see the area failing or folks walking around with face masks to protect themselves against the increased air pollution!!!

    • Stirchlady permalink
      January 2, 2017 1:53 pm

      Traffic flow is the job of the city’s transportations engineers but if you watch the planning webcast you can hear how there have been a number of mitigations to reduce the impact to “an acceptable level” but that at least one councillor disagrees and is “not convinced that the traffic situation is frankly good enough for this site to be this development to be built”.

      Please also visit the collected social media comment around the traffic issue:

      We all see that section of road jamming every day and not just in rush hour. Lidl delivery trucks and customers throughout the day and night are just going to add to that, and slow down traffic entering from Cartland and Warwards.

      We’re closing comments on the ‘About’ section shortly as this site was set up as a hub for information and actions for those who are against this decision. Many people are not against a Lidl but are against it on this particular site. Comments will still remain on some posts.


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